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Also particularly infuriating are the ads for Olive Garden's Sicilian Chicken or Shrimp, both grilled with garlic butter. Do the people at Olive Garden not know that Sicily has many more olive trees than they do cows, so hence they're not going to grill with butter? Or did the Olive Garden people say, 'yea, we know that, but nobody in America knows it, so we can call it whatever sounds good'.

Rose's Lime

I'm not sure what the objection is here... you can't wrap your head around the metonom Sicilian = Italian-style? That ship has sailed, gentlemen. Where's the post about Russian Dressing?

The FTC's standard on labeling is that labels should be "truthful and not-misleading". Hence the far funnier, "Hand-Tossed Style Pizza." I for one find the Lasagna a little more misleading than the Sicillian as I expected several layers of dough in addition to three cheeses and sauce.

I'd be curious to read this book on Bullshit. I prefer the linguistics that takes Sausure to its phenomenological conclusion... there is no truthful referent to bend or be ignorant of independent of the truth we collectively make in uttering and understanding. We all participate in the shaping of language and while I'm not against sloppy sicillianization myself, I applaud your Boycott on Apathy.

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