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debra van Culiblog

Adults roq. Kids suq. I would hereby like to weigh in on the no-kids-under-35-in-public-camp. Send the little children to Nannny Island until there is enough psychological distance and the parents can behave.

BTW in France they have it all figured out - children are dragged everywhere and ignored instead of infantalised. Loving the little adults!

'S avonds een man, 's ochtends ook een man: (if you can be a gentleman in the evening, you must also be a gentleman in the morning). In France the chilluns are taken out to party and aren't allowed to stay home and sleep. Eventually they collapse in a heap at 2 in the morning and are very quiet indeed. You gots to show 'em who's boss, just like a dog.

Rose's Lime

Can't resist the post trolling.

Here's my modest proposal. In my native Fillufya, it's standard practice to filter out the riffraff with strict no sneakers, no jeans, no ripped clothing, no tank tops, colared shirts required rules. Classism is enforced without anyone getting in trouble without anybody having to call the SCLC or be treated rudely on the premses.

I think it would be entirely within the rights of a restaurant to discourage infants with a fair policy. For example I think it would be entirely reasonable for a restaurant to demand that no outside food be served at their restaurant.

Debra (in her own pandering way) has a point. The French wouldn't dream of bringing cheerios and raisins to a restaurant. Now, Freemans, serving tony mac and cheese and cheese toast, might not find this effective; but maybe that's what you get for serving children's food to adults.


maybe that's what you get for serving children's food to adults
Yes, especially in an establishment that seems informed by the social milieu of high school lunchroom. The "no outside food" proposal is worthy of Solomon, though some might want to contest the question of lactation as bringing in outside food.

Boston Jerk

Debra VC- Sorry you seem to have neither a dog nor chilluns (perhaps you'd find them equally good eating). And sorry you couldn't sleep last night.

Rose's Lime- I know for a fact you treat both your dog and your chilluns well, and thank you heartily for the deeelicious grilled pizza last night.

That said, I vote for a bit less pretense, a bit more parental forethought.

Children, like dogs, are not accessories. When did everyone decide it's okay to tote them around EVERYWHERE like so many Prada bags. If you can afford to eat high on the hog, you can afford a babysitter. Your infant is not going to derive any added enjoyment watching you eat your over-adjectived radicchio, and you're not going to enjoy your rare gussied-up if you bring your kid along.

Then again, if you prefer your hog shoulder dry-rubbed and pulled, you're probably in a place with a bar that serves beer (and not in a recreational slumming w/PBR tall boys sort of way), by all means bring your kid -- because anywhere with an active bar clearly condones at least occasional loud adult behavior, and therefore should have no problem with kids.

the patriarch

I've got kids (3 of them at last count). We take them everywhere except for "fancy" restaurants. I know I don't want to fork over 100+ dollars American to hear some parent shushing their kids. I can witness that at home for free.

Someone mentioned France. I can't remember who and I'm too lazy to scroll up. We noticed the same thing in Spain, where people dragged their kids everywhere and they behaved perfectly because that is what is expected of them. Unfortunately, we do not have that custom here in the States. We treat children like children when they should be behaving like adults (in restaurants) and like adults when they should be children (at R-rated movies). I don't even know what that last sentence means, but it seemed like a good idea as I was typing it.

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