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yo cod, did you see this article?

i think the points she raises are pretty inline with what you're saying and i have to agree with both of you
i'm tired of too beautiful pictures
i'm REALLY tired of people taking piccies of dinner
and i'm tired of people not writing about interesting stuff (even though i'm probably guilty of that last sin)


I started shooting pictures of the food I was reporting on at the request of readers. I, too, think in words so it seemed unimportant to me before the requests. As a result however I have come to find the pictures evocative of even more memories.

The truth is I do most of my reporting and therefore photographing at what I think would be considered destination restaurants and therefore am seldom the only one taking pictures (there is no way that everyone who ate at El Bulli on the night I did has a blog.)

For some a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, it would seem awfully self-centered to begrudge them a simple discretionary flash during your or my dining. Would you consider it such an intrusion if the cause of the flash were a family portrait (or thirty) of someone’s grandmother’s ninetieth birthday at a particularly special restaurant?

As far as food as a commodity suppose you were a gear head and wanted a picture of your car which some person drove themselves mad creating, and they asked you not to shoot it for any reason? Food is a commodity and as long as you are paying for it you have taken ownership of it and it is yours to do with as you wish be -- that take pictures or take it home. If you are paying for it you are buying it and it is yours to do with as you see fit. Of course you should be polite to all others at the same time, but polite is not bowing to the whims of someone so easily distracted they can be drawn away from their own good time by a couple of pops of a flashbulb.

the patriarch

To paraphrase John Hughes: You don't take a picture of it, you EAT it!




bring your toddlers and take flash pictures of them slurping the amuses and spitting them out. why don't you?


A photo of the outside of the restaurant is just as good for illustrating your post on the meal. Then you can concentrate on eating when you are inside and just enjoy yourself.


The Grand Lady Chron and their 'fact' checking department. Heh.

I did not say such a thing. What I said, and I am quoting myself, was "I paid for the privilege to eat the meal, NOT TO take photograph of it". That's why I am always respectful of the restaurants' wishes. I ask before I take photographs, I don't use flash at fancy restaurants, and I put my camera away when refused permission -though that only happened once, at Hakkasan in London.

This is my view, and the same view I've expressed repeatedly to quite a few people when asked about this issue.


Gosh. That is a pretty significant difference. Putting the "chronic" in "Chronicle," I guess.

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