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debra van Culiblog

Amen. Beautiful to be remembered in this way.

I have taken to heart your reminder to communicate love to my loved ones.


Thank you for sharing this, Fesser, and Well Done. I have felt far away from all of you, and this made me feel so much closer and brought back such cherished memories. You are all in my thoughts all the time these days.

Mastthew Berlin

Dan's propensity to pause, while in possession of the floor, used to lead to a certain amount of confusion in my childhood as to whether the tale or pronouncement had been concluded, and if so what--in its truncated form--could it have all meant.


Your dad knew a lot of stuff. I liked not knowing what tale, fact, or lesson would come next. Nice voice, too. Thinking of you all. xo


Well written. Well deserved. And welcome back.

We will forever miss him holding court around the table. And his voice has been stuck in my head the past weeks, addressing your mom, "Holly, my love..."

Funny though, I most often remember fondly not the lofty tales and professorial tone, but a certain joke about a horse's rectum. My chapped lips crack just thinking about it.



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