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This is why I don't like living next door to Virginia. This is also why I'm semi-revelling in the fact that the DC voting populace is so far left that something like this should never be an issue in the District.

Unfortunately, every freaking law/budget thing in DC has to go through Congress. Ugh.


Stop ten people on the metro tomorrow and ask them if gay folks should be allowed to get married. I bet you five say no, depending on what stop you are at. The whole thing that makes this thing philosophically abhorrent, beyond the obvious moral abhorrences, is the idea of civil rights as a popularity contest. Fundamentally, it seems like putting a referendum on making it legal to kick Basques in the nuts whenever you felt like it. A majority of non-Basques might support this bill, but that does not make it right. The whole idea of civil rights is that they guarantee that minorities have the same rights as majorities. (This principle is the source of my hope that the solution to all of this nonsense will come through judicial, rather than electoral means.)

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