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FMI Agent

Those kids are so getting into the college of their choice.

Happy birthday!


I would offer them a scholarship where I teach, if I had them to give, and if it was not Crisipin Glover-creepy to get in touch with high school kids offer them scholarships based on their Google videos.


Do you think that I can book these two to do Augustine's Confessions? Or Plato's Apology? (Or a half-dozen other books that my students are mis-reading.)
Happy Birthday!

Rose's Lime

I love the idea of commissioning a google video. In fact, when I amass my fortune, I'm going to designate a viral Web video genius award which will stipulate the entire Harvard Classic library is produced in rap.

Go shorty.

New Orleans

How dare you have a birthday without me. I'm in the mansion on Marlborough w/o my address book so I don't have your number to call. Drink some chartreuse and have a good one!

Oh, and guess how many jars of your brother's finest are in S & L's frig.

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