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I feel that this is a common sort of Times article: X is great, as any fule kno, but hey, have you tried Y? It lives in the shadow of X! In fact, didn't Dana Bowen do her own ham piece a few years back, in which prosciutti took the role of X and lovely country hams hadn't yet moved beyond Y status? I know she did but I don't feel like searching.

Really comparisons are odious, and so are wet-cured hams. But anything that brings attention to Kurowycki and Baczynsky and keeps them and their masterful sausageworks around for a few more years is a force for good.


Ted was a pal of mine in college, as it happens. A great guy. Just got their cookbook yesterday and it's byootiful. Was thinking how excellently many of the recipes would go with some Rick's Pickles.


There are rumors that our Xmas tree will be surrounded by a wall of Lee Bros. cookbooks. I am excited. Of course, Rick of Rick's Picks is a Yale man, so it might be asking a lot for him to collaborate with a Cantab.
Indeed, the format you describe is familiar. What was interesting about this is that it appeared to invert the formula -- sort of like retreating from bourbon geekdom to declare that Beam was not bad.

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