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Oh Mr. Egg Man:




Here is a list of ideas for the "nanogastronome" -- some smart, some silly, but personally I'd be happy to have any of them to play with. If I needed a knife and I got an antigriddle instead though I would be mad.


A nice French-Canadian hockey fight video should please at least one cook on your list. I have two old VHS tapes' worth that look much like the above pic. Those old batailles générales are classic, served with some Sleemans and a side of poutine.


Hockey fights? I took that picture last weekend at Dean & DeLuca.


There is still debate over the relative sanitariness of wood and plastic cutting boards, btw., but the one advantage of the latter is that you can throw it in the dishwasher.


a good mandolin. it's something that people really don't buy for themselves.

also, we got this mini garlic cuber from williams sonoma, a bitch to clean, but makes the most entrancing micro-cubes.

and those italian paper baking dishes so you can lay some pannetone and pan d'oro on the deserving.

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