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I see your point, but rather than instilling fear, I believe Kimball appeals to those cooks who see the venture not as an art but as a perfectable process--one of whom I live with.

Rose's Lime

In the name of truth in advertising, I propose CI change titles to "Pseudo-Scientific Cooking Illustrated Joylessly in Sepiatone".

I've long been a defender of RR on the grounds that she offers a threshold drug for cooking. Packaged ingredients cooked in an oven are better than nuked lean cuisine. The food may be close to the same but its a little bit better for the soul and rewards enthusiasm in a way that could eventually encourage cooking.

I save my ire for Trader Joe's - capturing the imagination of the bourgeoisie by taking stoufers and wrapping it in an imaginary veil of somehow-PC neo-colonial romance.


i think his puny pallid demeanor is super chaleur! il est come un demi-sac, ouay?


I had a witty riposte to this comment all set to go when I was distracted by yet another e-mail solicit from America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated, which feels the need to contact me three or four times a week to let me know that their fine products are still available for sale.

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