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Madame Lounge

Oh, Fesser...such a clever boy, you are. I first read your bloggy page the other day. Mr. Lounge let me know you mentioned our humble family. So, of course, I had to take a peek.

Glad to hear you are always sending blessings to our beloved MSY.

On a sadder note, Mr. Terranova, the Patriarch of Terranova Brothers Superette on Esplanade Avenue, Home of the Italian Sausage, passed away this weekend, after a short illness.

He was our beloved and dear neighbor and will be greatly missed.

Much love, Mrs. Lounge.


As a Pats fan, I say Saints fans deserve to win not because America has abandoned their city, but because God abandoned the Saints for so long.

Remember what it was like to watch the Pats before Super Bowl XXXVI? Me neither, I had to stop watching football after 1986.

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