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Discussed/mocked here.


Indeed. Thanks for the tip, Mr. Sorbet Trio. The fake vegan band names in the ILM discussion are worth the scroll. Tofugazi and Soundgardenburger are my favorites.


in my cafe (1996-2000), we felt that the strictly punk thing to do was to lie to and mock vegans. although i must say, intellectually speaking, it was never much of a challenge. want to flummox a vegan? ask them where they stand on breast feeding. usually, the response is priceless.


Thank-you for taking this one on, Cod. I looked at the cupcake recipe -- hopeful, because Moskowitz kept talking up her creations -- and from a baker's (and eater's and mom's) point of view, I thought it looked pretty foul.


I gather from a reliable source that the cupcakes are actually pretty good. I am not much of a baker, and am not in a position to criticize the receipt. But I dispute the notion of a punk rock cup cake with chocolatey feminist frosting. Also, elsewhere someone pointed out that the people who make the sugar are not much better of than the chickens who make the eggs.

Rose's Lime

I've often wondered that nobody's made the assertion that "The Daily Show" is Punk Rock. Certainly it's political and culture jamming and the theme song was written by Bob Mould. So what could be more punk rock than guys doing a DIY riff on the news?

San Francisco Bay Area

The world needs more of this shit (hollerin atcha, US weekly and imitators), like it needs more pan-Asian restaurants.

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