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One of my favorite books ever!!! With some great culinary moments (Cookie flipping the pancakes out of the window of the train, Able Baker Charlie exploding the bread ovens by putting too much yeast in his dough, the post-tonsilitis ice cream treat).


I really enjoyed reading something that didn't require a decoder ring.
Great piece.


Damn, I was hoping kittenwar involved destroying cute kittens.

Yes, I'm dead inside.


I love Richard Scarry! And print culture vs. digital culture. Hmmm. Interesting subject. There really is quite a difference, isn't there. And yet, it's all pretty much visual/reading, so a lot of similarity, too. Now, a non-digital, non-print, non-literate culture, that's REALLY different!


Hey, nice essay, by the way. I'm kind of new to this clicking-on-highlighted-links thing, so I only just noticed it. Looking forward to the weekly column.

Mary Elizabeth  Williams

LOVED the story - it was perfect and relevant and smart and made me want to trot out my JoC and make homemade marshmallows.

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