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I think you meant to put a Fosters link behind Fosters, not another Fowler's link. Just sayin.


did you get a look at the "good-looking slim ones"? yikes. they have all the sex appeal of bloggers.


I'm officially giving up my Delta Zeta alumni status in protest.


Re t-shirts: I am presently in a town not too far from Durham, and I just saw a kid wearing a royal blue t-shirt reading PUKE. Heh.


dubarry: "did you get a look at the "good-looking slim ones"? yikes. they have all the sex appeal of bloggers."

What the f---?
You read an article exposing the awfulness of superficial, frat-boy-determined standards of beauty and ... that's your comment? Try again.


i am shocked! shocked! to discover sororities are filled with "superficial, frat-boy determined standards of beauty". (myself i cleave unto the superficial, french standards of beauty -- so much more chic, ouay?). gotten a load of the pm's daughter? oo-la-la.

not to mention, i love a solidly pedestrian (and by that i mean blogger-level) criticism more than life itself. do more! c'est charmant.

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My life's been generally bland today. I just don't have anything to say recently. I guess it doesn't bother me. Basically nothing seems worth doing, but I don't care.

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Parents have no right in spanking you - Or do they? That could be another persuasive speech topic

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I've just been letting everything wash over me. I've pretty much been doing nothing. I've just been sitting around not getting anything done.

Sammie Carson

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National Liberal Party


Can't they find you and sue you for the potential loss? I mean you do know that blocking your caller ID means they don't see it there, but their phone company does, right? My cingular cell phone is an example... If someone calls me private, I go online and log into my cingular account and guess what, I can see their number. No joke. Carriers know what your caller ID is even if you hide it.

And then... I've used services before to find out the name of some unknown callers, and it worked. Mind you the callers were using Verizon cell phones. They can also report you as a prank caller and then your phone number will always come up as such on search engines... check out http://www.numberinvestigator.com NumberInvestigator.com for example. Once you're on there, you're on there man.

That said. Do call and make a reservation for Octomom for me. You know, that california lady who had 8 kids. Make a reservation and tell them you're coming with all 8 of your kids, and you want the Octomom special:
8 eggs
no sausage
everyone around you has to pay for it.

If you don't get the joke, google Octomom and her story. it's been on the headlines for weeks now.
They could come over to your house and break your nose.


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