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Baby Gifts

I tried to look up the rice box you were talking about, but it appears that they’ve taken it off of their website. I wonder what consumerism has done to people that they appear willing to blow fifty dollars of good money on something that will probably never be used by anyone, anywhere. I wonder what they will think up next? Maybe they’ll be trying to sell the good people a sterling silver drain stopper or a crystal dish wand. I honestly wonder who buys this stuff, because you know that somewhere, someone has to be buying this kind of stuff or else they would never think it up, much less carry it in their stores. I like some of the stuff that W-S carries in their stores, like the spices and the other cooking condiments that you can’t buy in most stores. However, some of their stuff is just too much.

Gift Registry

I love giving gifts especially when the recipient is a baby because the gifts for them are so cute and adorable.

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