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Rose's Lime

Well observed that authenticity and quality aren't coincidental. Rather than take the bait on Cheesesteaks, I'll add, where food and origins are associated, adding a place-name to a dish almost always* signifies inauthenticity and poor quality. "Philly Cheese Steak", "New England Clam Chowder"**, "Bufflao Chicken", "Canadian Bacon", and "Cajun Blackened Anything" come to mind as items to watch out for, lie down and avoid.***

* The main exception to this rule is pork barbecue where non-indication of geography signifies an assumption that barbecue sauce tastes like a spicier version of ketchup.

** There is also "Manhattan Clam Chowder" and "Rhode Island Clam Chowder." And while the latter is generally authentic, it isn't ever great. The former is just an excuse for hiding old clams.

*** Hey! Professors aren't the only ones who can use footnotes!


Agreed. Schultzy and I avoid any and all cheesesteaks presented with quotation marks or modifiers (unless they're of the "mushroom, wiz, wit'" variety), and pull a jersey over the heads of those who serve such scrapple.

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Good post, I like to leave comments because it allows bloggers to become more engaged and for the opportunity to perhaps learn from each other.

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