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I am in wholly supportive of your scorn for this guy, but I'm just wondering if the "technically" bit is intended as an explanation of why he does not use a lethal trap but must resort to the non-lethal-trap-plus-hammering technique, the idea being that the trap cannot do the killing, the human being must do the killing. (Which makes one wonder what the definition of "hunting" is, if hammering a trapped squirrel qualifies.)


I mean, "I am wholly supportive." I don't know where that extra "in" came from.


Is it wrong that I want to trap that dude in my back yard, "technically" thump his head with a hammer (hopefully while he's sporting that smug grin), and then stuff is arse into some ramekins? Is it? I must admit, the thought makes me smile.

Give me a sec to whip up the evites to my Big Asshat Game party.

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