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Rose's Lime

For the first time in a long time, I watched the 10:00 evening news. I have to that even cynical, cuture-observing me was appalled at the evolution of news.

The first half hour holds true to form - news being "don't leave your house, there are people of color out there who will cheat, maim, shoot and set fire to you while your elected officials pose tough and do nothing"

The second half hour, even with two potentially pandering but arguably newsworthy stories on the bottom half of the docket - a mid-April snow storm and the Red Sox opening day - focused on an editorial on the behavior of the participants in the Anna Nicole Smith trial, and an investigation of whether American Idol has turned into a popularity contest that doesn't value talent, featuring tabloid-style call-outs from web site chat boards.

Prediction - the morning news crew pretends they're your friends chatting around the coffee table - the eveining news will progress in the same direction with anchors standing at a lacquered oak cafe table with Coors Light long necks. Mark my words and Stay Classy!


i've seen here on the today show, i suspected as much because she was on the couch (as opposed to behind the table). i actually love her. she has a giant head.

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