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Cod, pay attention. Nigella owns 100 cashmere twinsets, 30 colors interspersed among them. $300 per sweater.
Now, you were saying?

New Orleans Survivor

Jesus motherfucking Christ! Is this what we have come to? Even the fucking female chefs get objectified like that? I have nothing against objectification, but only where it is appropriate - pole dancers, pop stars, and prostitutes (not much a difference there). Jesus, someone resurrect Julia Child fast. Who gives a shit what you look like so long as the food is interesting.

Love it when my inner curmudgeon comes to the surface.


If I married Charles Saatchi I'd have 100 fucking twinsets too.

Well, maybe not 100.


It's worth pointing out that the needing-a-rack-to-be-on-food-TV rule holds true across gender lines, with Bourdain being the exception that proves the rule.

New Orleans Survivor

That's because chefs tend to be fat because they taste their own food and like to eat. Never trust a thin chef because he's usually doing a lot of coke or scag and that's what makes him thin. Again, Bourdain proves the rule and would you trust him with your last Jackson for a $20 bag of blow?


I don't think I'd wear cashmere while cooking, but I can understand the desire to wear something simple and streamlined. There's this picture of Rosso and Lukins posing, with food, in a kitchen, on the back of The New Basics Cookbook where they're wearing all these droopy sleeves and dangling jewelry and shit and it just makes them look less credible as cooks. (A lot of the recipes do that, too, but that's another story.)

the patriarch

I'd rather watch Nigella lick her fingers than Childs. Or Bordain for that matter. What I'm saying is, I can't cook so good. Long live Nigella.

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