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I first had Hellman's in the early 70's when I moved to chic upstate NY. My frist encounter with mayo was Seidner's which had its plant in Westerly, RI, my home town. The mayo was dark yellow and not jelly-like. It wouldn't stay on a knife. It was delicious. Hellman's was a shock to me. I've never recovered ans spend my days pining for Otto Seidner's mayo.



I don't know who you are, but the Otto Seidner brand, original recipe, is back! Made and bottled in WESTERLY! I was shocked to see it on the shelf in McQuade's Market on Main Street TODAY! Just enjoyed a turkey sandwich with Seidner's mayonnaise. I was pining for it as well, but no more.




Stop & Shop in Westerly also sells Seidner's; best in the world in my opinion. We load up on jars of the stuff whenever we're in Westerly.

Kathy Scott

I live in Philadelphia and was introduced to Seidner's through a friend in Connecticut. They visit RI annually and bring home Seidner's. Is there a phone number or address for shipping? We cannot face any other mayo at this point!

dan boyle

I used to live in niantic CT,now i im in the army living in tacoma washngton. The other day i had my mom send me out seidners from the east coast. I think im the only person in the west with real mayo please post a shipping address for the company

Marilyn Barrette

I'm still searching for for Seidner's Mayo in eastern CT. Does anyone know where it's sold? Thanks.

Outof Seidners

I have been looking for Seidners in Westerly, RI for three months now. I even went to northern RI in search of. No one near PVD has even heard of it. There was a sign in some westerly store that said Seidners was having production problems. Does anyone know who is selling it? Thank you very much.

Dianne Sherman

Richmond Stop & Shop used to carry it but has not stocked any for months. I am trying to find an address for the company to call or e-mail for information. Any hints?

Joe Armfield

Seidner's is sold at Dave's Market on Diamond Hill Road in Cumberland,RI. It's been several years since I have been able to locate the product. Almost got stopped for speeding trying to get home so I could make a chicken sandwich.


Where can I find Seidners Mayo in Central Ma.?


I purchase Seidners Mayo at McQuades in Mystic CT or at McQuades in Westerly RI. Stop N Shop in Montville CT on RT 32 also has carried it but has recently been awaiting a delivery. In Ledyard Center at Tri-County Market in Ledyard CT they also have it. This is by far the BEST Mayo I have ever had. My mother grew up in Westerly and it was the ONLY Mayo they used. Last year around this time Seidners was no where to be found. I was told production problems. They must have fixed their issues and they are back! Thank Goodness....when I go shopping I buy 6 at a time. I Never want to go without again.

Suzanne Pfisterer

I get my Seidner's at the Groton, CT Stop&Shop!


Marilyn, Big Y in montville (next to walmart) has seidners. expensive, but worth it. I do wish that they sold directly via mail order, but...

 seidners mayo

located a small supply of seidners mayo tri town foods in uncasville ct. at 601 norwich new london turnpike/rt.32 tel.860 8480350

Lorraine Little

How can I get Seidners mayo. in Maine???

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The mayo was dark yellow and not jelly-like. It wouldn't stay on a knife. It was delicious. Hellman's was a shock to me. I've never recovered ans spend my days pining for Otto Seidner's mayo.


My my! Seidner's is back! Glad I checked this thread out again.


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Ruth hiscox griffin

Grew up with Seidnersmayonnaise but haven't found it I Florida, where I live now. Have my sister ( from Pawcatuck) send it to me. Guess I'll have to check out the markets here. Ruth

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