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You are wise beyond your years.


I don't think she's overestimating her contributions to her marriage, or complaining that her husband doesn't do enough, etc. I think she's simply saying that "in most households" mommy does most of the thinking about what everyone is going to eat. And a lot (or most) of the doing. Daddy might be thinking about house maintenance or doing most of the yardwork or whatever. She's not disputing that.
So her point is that trying to eat local-grown becomes a worry for moms, not because men aren't doing their part but because they're worrying about something else besides food.

But I'm not sure it's such an earth-shattering point. I mean, add it to the long, long list of what working moms have to do and feel they lack the time to do "right"!


I did not mean to imply that the post author overestimated her contributions, but rather as it is a general human tendency to think you are contributing 51%, few people look for tasks they could take over from their partners/spouses. It is true that the mommy does most of the thinking about what everyone is going to eat, but it does not have to be thus -- viz commenter Rose's Lime.

As another, albeit sans kids spouse who does most of the food shopping and cooking, it also occurs to me that cooking is a task not entirely commensurable with other tasks, in that it can be creative and rewarding in a way that folding sheets cannot.


ah, but folding sheets in incredibly soothing and mindless/mind-freeing in the best possible way. plus, like cooking, there are pleasing aromas involved.


er, "is incredibly soothing"

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