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i appreciate the moms, but you need to go tamis detail for her and get rid of those seeds, man. it reduces that output by like 2/3 but you know it's worth it.


You are a hard woman. If it were seedless, it would basically be jelly, and what's the point, no? I'll live with the seeds, if it means not having Thomas Keller for a mother.


see that's why i don't have kids, it wouldn't be good to have someone with all the warmth of gordon ramsay preparing your macaroni and cheese.

but it's not true seedless raspberry jam is just jelly. that would be true if one were to err vis a vis the sugar and pectin (does the moms use pectin here? prob. not, so there would never be enough in raspberries to jel).

speaking of pectin, i don't use the store stuff - peels of granny smiths that's what you want for your lambrusco jellee - you know when you are glomming down that foie.

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