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That piece in the NYT about "what to do with all the great tomatoes" made me want to scream.
You eat them! That's what you do with good tomatoes. You slice them, maybe salt them or drizzle something on them, and you eat them, dammit!
Scooping them out, stuffing them with cheese, and baking them into a pie is totally unnecessary.


At last check, 83% of the tomatoes in my garden are still green. I fear that we won't get enough sun for them to ripen at all. Tomatoes that ripen in a box in the garage won't do for sandwiches!


Make sure that your tomatoes are getting direct sunlight. Cut back the foliage to expose the glorius fruit to the rays.


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The Gurgling Cod

The problem is that the Carrie in question lives in the Pacific Northwest, so the rays of the sun are obscured by the flannel shirts of her neighbors hanging from clotheslines.


While we're in troubleshooting mode: what do you do when your 1 year-old views little green tomatoes on the vine as groovy little balls to be plucked and thrown into the hedges?
(Yes, yes, I know the answer already: keep 1 year-old out of the backyard.)


Oh, plaid flannel shirts. That can do it.

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