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The worst insult i've received in a while was being called "paula deen". I cried.


This was like watching SCTV

the chocolate lady

Oh my. I lasted 40 seconds. do I win?


Paula Deen is a true treasure....it's seems that I hear a bit of jealously. This self-made woman is nothing but a kind, sweet and lovable. I occasionally work as part of her security detail when she's on the road. If you have even been around her, you would know she's nothing but kind to all who she meets, absolutely love children and spend her time and money for worthy charitable organizations. The hoopla over her representing a certain food company and the strife that company might be going through has nothing to do with her as a decent human being. Always remember what Solomon spoke of in Proverbs about wisdom and folly. We are all only a breath away from the next successful idea and this time it's Paula's turn....so don't be hating, because if any of you had a chance to be in the same position...to show YOUR particular talent, don't tell me that you would'nt. We should be concentrating on health care, education, spending time with our families and in church, not bashing Paula.

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