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New Orleans Survivor

9th Ward comes back, but it is so slow that it seems and looks like nothing has happened if you don't know what it looked like in October of 2005. Things have been cleared and there are some people back, but there are still houses off their foundations and the smell of rot and mold everywhere. Help is still needed and will be needed for a long time.

And the other flooded parts - Gentilly, Broadmoor, Lakeview - the same way.

Like the sign says, "We Will Never Forget." but in our case it's not how 19 terrorists took out the trade centers but it's how neglectful politicians and incompetent Corps of Engineers workers didn't make working levees and how the most powerful country in the world took 3 days to start rescuing its own citizens. If we still have a world in several hundred years, historians will mark the failure of the federal levees and the gov't response as the first sign of the fall of the American empire.

And to all of you out there who are in flood zones or earthquake zones or protected by levees, have an escape plan when the shit comes down and make sure you help and are helped by your loved ones and community because THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU.


Bravo, New Orleans survivor!!

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