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I get fries with my roast beef po-boys at Gene's in Austin, because I discovered they are good for soaking up the roast-beef gravy. But you're right, I've never had fries with po-boys in the NOLA area, I don't even think I've had potato chips.

We ate bagels a lot in Metairie when I was in high school. In Metairie at the time, the only place to get them was in the freezer section of the grocery. I am not sure things have changed much since then.

New Orleans survivor

yeah, can't get a good bagel in New Orleans.

Other po-boy suggestions - Crabby Jacks on Jeff Highway - same owner as Jacques-Imo's

Johnny's on St. Louis St in the French Quarter.

And if the NYC place that deals with French Fries was in NOLA, they would simply put the French Fries between the french bread and have a french fried po-boy. Yes, Virginia, it really does exist.

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this looks so good to eat.

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