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J.R. Knight

It's a creepy comment contesst:

"I also think that the initial TAO reservation is a decent option for 17-year-olds. The bar area is such a zoo that they probably won't even be noticed."


"You're a nice parent. :)"

Where is the line between being helpful and being the guy from To Catch a Predator?

Rose's Lime

I don't know. I think everyone's being a little bit prudish and sexist. Tell me you never went to a bar when you were 17. In some ways, sending the kids out for a sponsored evening in the city is a lot more responsible than looking the other way when they say they're going to the Angelika and hit Phoebe's for $7 pitchers instead. Who's realy more likely to try to take advantage of the 17 year olds, the i-banking trainees and assistant account executives at TAO or the NYU frat brothers?

J.R. Knight

That's a trick question.


If the 17 year-olds want to go out, they gotta do it on their own time and their own dime. Otherwise, where's the fun?

The concept of the parental-sponsored tv-inspired simulated "fun" of the Tao trip depresses me.

Either these kids don't know how to have fun on their own or their parents are hopelessly blinded to what they're REALLY doing...

J.R. Knight

That's a good point - Whatever happened to teenagers drunkenly misbehavin' AGAINST their parents wishes?

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