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J.R. Knight

I always thought of the frozen food market as the kiss of death. The only step after that is selling your own cookware on QVC.


Indeed. Also, it is as if Keller did not see the film for which he so famously consulted, for it is the frozen food line, more than anything else, that represent the perversion of Gusteau's legacy in Ratatouille. I guess the rules are different in Yountville. Also, I had not realized that the infamous Happy Days scene involved waterskiing, rather than a motorcycle. The the question of what kind of swim trunks the Fonz would wear, like the circumstances of one's conception, manifest the truth that some things are better not known.

J.R. Knight

The Fonz doesn't wear swim trunks, Fesser, the Fonz swims in jeans which are so drenched in his elemental coolness that he can emerge even after hours in water with dry pants.

Similiarly I was conceived on the high desert plain by the wind that blows through the Mojave sage while the coyote howled and I don't want to hear a word otherwise.

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