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A martini is cold-ass gin and a wave of dry vermouth. Anything else is nouveau shite in a "martini" glass.

J.R. Knight

BK - agreed, although I give a pass to vodka substitution. Not my taste but we are not slaves to convention.

My theory is that people enjoy ordering martinis but most people don't enjoy the taste. It's all part of the delicate dance between people enjoying a cocktail and people trying to get loaded.

Rose's Lime

I'm sorry, Again, I've got to side with late Wittgenstein and the Times and against early Wittgenstein and the Fesser.

Language is a game in which we create meaning with each other, not a code to define what's in a non-existant glass in a non-existant cave that Fesser or some other board of taste claim to have absolute knowledge of.

Pointing out that "If it has cheese and a half dozen other ingredients in it, it ain't a Martini." No shit. Apple or vodka - yes. Dairy - no. We're all just playing the game.

If you have a gripe, I think it's more fairly with the playa, than the game. The Chocolate example is of an institution using it's weight to shift the dialog between what's chocolate and what's chocolatey. You could argue T: has the same institutional weight (though I think is overstating a little) and find fault with their journalistic ethics. Were this the case, you could point out to them they should write the bartender whips up this so-called "Peperdew martini"

Is that your gripe? Now explain to me how this is less pedantic than insisting a proper martini should be infused with juniper and not cardamom?

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