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Paps eats batters with a healthy splash of Inner Beauty hot sauce (high heat). I'm told he also eats whole nutria. He farts thunder and births live trophies.


Did you not see the pregame show where Paps shared his recipe for duck with Tina Cervasio? I made it for the second night of the WS. Pictures are on my flickr (http://flickr.com/photos/batholmes/sets/72157602786801545/)

Jazz Lunatique`

Maybe you should look to Starkville MS where Paps went to college to see what culinary treats happen there. could be a tamales or two.


I missed the pregame, b/c I am congenitally incapable of watching baseball on TV -- but I will look for the Duck.

Jazz Lunatique-
I am well aware of Paps' alma mater, and pleased that he was able to use his powers to transmit some of that Papelbon mojo to Sly Croom.

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