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Ulrike Meinhof

HAHAHAHA. Parts that article was lifted from this one in Food and Wine a while ago: http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/star-chefs-the-next-generation

While I do think kids should be encouraged to just eat everything that adults do, all this oooing and cooing over their precociousness is pretty stinky (just like the runny Camembert that Joseph Weissler chooses over cookies!). Then there are the recipes that won the kids' cooking contest, which are completely simple and seem to contradict the article completely. Weird. Three out of four are gross and obvs, but I'm somewhat impressed by the beet and cheddar risotto... It sounds pretty yums and like an adventurous kid would actually put those things together. Artichokes were my favorite food from a very young age (and still are), and I imagine 6-year-old Alexander deals with a bit of ridicule being the only kid in his class that eats beets.

James Norton

As per usual, the culture of the despicably rich craps all over something essentially wholesome and laudable (kids learning to cook and enjoying the process.) It's not just about cooking... it's about winning Beard awards! And name dropping appliances, and ultra-luxe ingredients! Way to take a golf club to a worthy target...


Hear, hear.
Your vitriol is justified.

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