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Rose's Lime

I don't think it's necessary to add "jesus freaks" to the epithes for the JV league champs. Not only is it unfair to the rising crop of latin players on that squad, people living in glass houses and all that.

Anybody who needs me at noon today can look for me at the corner of Gloucester and Boyleston.


I did not phrase that as well as I ought. I'm fine with individual athletes expressing and espousing whatever belief they want -- what makes the case of the Rockies different is that they make drafting and signing players of a certain faith an organizational principle:
That, I am not OK with.

Rose's Lime

I stand corrected. Call them Rockies hipocritical born-again, tea-totaling, foot-washing, snake-handling, toungue-speaking, purple-vest wearing Jesus freaks all you want.

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