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Rose's Lime

OK. More Surletabliania:

(1) A fish basket for the grill I can understand - I don't feel the need personally, but I can understand how someone frustrated at loosing a filet to the fire could rush out and buy - but if you need the sausage holder to flip your sausages or keep them from rolling to the ground, you shouldn't be playing with fire.

(2) Who's buying X-mas silicone? Do you keep them in a box in the attic and bring them out because the everyday silicone just isn't special enough for mixing sugar cookie dough?

(3) The paper catalog I got neglected to include the Hanukkah selections. I'm tempted to buy a Morgan David Bundt Pan (is this realy made by a company named Nordic Ware?) just to see what comes in the mail. I'm particularly impressed with listing the cobalt blue Le Creuset under Hanukkah. Is it inappropriate to fry Latke's in red flame?

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