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Rose's Lime

Of course, it's not the folks at Old El Paso who came up with this, but a clever vegetable packer,

It is interesting what it says about the culture:
1) You can sell more veggies with a made-in-America General Mills brand than you could with a generic "salsa pack".
2) To sell veggies together, the Produce Lookup Committee somewhere has to set aside a PLU#4684 for "salsa pack". I have to assume there's a #4685 for "salsa pack - organic". I'm sure #4686 for "Guacamole pack" and #4692 "Gazpacho pack" aren't far behind. But where will it all end?

How long till there's a "Chili's Chicken Caesar Pack"?


i am an experienced peniologist, and i have always treated all of mankind equally. when you scrape the surface i-bankers and imbeciles, pretty much the same.

Rose's Lime

I find myself musing more and more on all the fresh pack opportunities:
- Betty Crocker Garlic Mashed Potato Pack
- College Inn Frozen Chicken Broth Pack
- Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Pack
- Zatarains Gumbo Pack


I like how they include garlic powder rather than a clove; apparently the person who buys such an item cannot be bothered to mince the garlic, having already wasted precious time chopping 4 tomatoes, 1 onion, and 3 chiles (which they call "chili peppers"), not to mention squeezing a lime.


FWIW, Organic PLUs are five digits -- they use the conventional PLU with a 9 as a prefix.* I have wondered, but never so done, that it would be not hard to finagle an upgrade to organic for free if you used one of those self-serv checkout lanes. Namean?
*I know more about PLUs than otherwise thanks to having to memorize the ones my cashiers don't know.


Trader Joe's sells a similar pack but I think they include garlic.
I agree that it's a little bit silly, but still very, very low on the things-to-get-in-a-twist-about scale.


Sorry, actually the Trader Joe's pack is for making guacamole. Same color combination. Same level of silliness.


Uhhh- I buy the TJ's pack cause TJ's doesn't sell individual vegetables. You have to purchase bags of each- and I won't use them all. It is gratifying to know that I won't be killed for a capital crime if you are part of the mob, however!

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