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Rose's Lime

I was startled but, having met Gus several times, not shocked to see ginormous orange stickers with the words "SEIZED" on the windows on Main St. Got to credit MA for going all out down the public shame avenue on this.

The call for "donations" is not surprising for an establishment that never operated much like a business. Service that didn't make much effort to serve. Stock that from time to time would dwindle to four different flavors of coffee and nothing else.

Thanks for the link. I've written a note offering a $100 contribution in return for $200 credit toward ice cream if and when they're able to re-open. I think that's better than Gus's likely to get on Winter Hill.

Rose's Lime

Update. My offer was turned down (or more accurately did not receive a resoponse). Despite my offer, Gus has raised his $25,000 and re-opened. Only in Cambridge.

How long till Gus starts the fund drive to raise the $8,000 he'll need to pay taxes on the $25,000 he's received so far in "donations".

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