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Michael Sherman

Some customer

Hudson View Construction will commit to $5000 for this to be delivered

in 45 days or sooner if he is successful. I think Halstead Riverdale

should invest in at least one $5000 unit to have a great place to

entertain potential buyers as well as Manhattan and Westchester brokers.

This is especially true since we handed out promotional material for the

restaurant with our Riverdale Rocks promotion. You wl get it back in

value during the year, and I am sure you can think of how to use a

leadership role in a campaign to save the only truly white tablecloth

Manhattan quality restaurant in Riverdale. In addition, you can use your

bills as you wish as premiums with purchase for any of your listings!




Needless to say, had we known about last night being your last we would

have definitely been there. You certainly gave it your best shot.

We ate dinner last night with Westchester friends at the Red Hat in

Irvington (they made the res). The food was good, not great but it was


Robby and I would be happy to be one of the couples to take out a

$5,000 dining credit.

Keep in touch.



Dear Michael,

Endre and I are in for $5,000 each. It was lovely dining with you on

Valentine's day... and we look forward to many more meals with you...

Let me know when you decide so we can send you a check... All the




To follow up on my phone call, my husband Richard Caputo and I would

like to invest $5000. Please let us know if a few weeks where things


All the best,




This is terrible news -- I think we can surely go in for half a "share"

and may be able to scare up enough for a full one depending upon how

soon needed. It
would a real loss to the hood, not to mention all your

fine, hard work. Best to you and Lisa, and please let us know how



Kim (and Nancy)


I'm so sorry to hear that your sale didn't work out. If you

get lots of positive responses from couples, perhaps I can help

"investing" with some wine credit ($2500 of wine?)... Of course, I don't live

in Riverdale to be able to come to dinner all the time, but we can

talk if you think this would help!
talk to you soon,


Hello Michael,

I read the email you sent
this morning and have not heard that the

Riverdale Garden is in jeopardy of closing. I do not currently live in

Riverdale so I am not able to read the Riverdale Review. I tried

Goggle'ing the info but was unable to find any site for the newspaper.

I also had not heard about the drive for investors. If you could,

please let me know what the plan is for the formation of the investment






When is the last day to commit to the investment. We haven't seen our

accountant yet and taxes
sometimes bring very unpleasant surprises.


Can we wait until there are a requisite number of pledges before we

front the money? We would like to be sure the plan can go ahead.

If we cannot afford the $5,000, can we be matched up with someone else

who cannot go the whole way and provide $2,500 or $3,000?

We think a Riverdale Avenue location would be a GREAT idea!!!

If you go forward, is it possible to have
the daily CURRENT menu posted

on the net. It is a limited menu and I have heard people who say thet

were disappointed at not finding something they liked. If they could

check ahead, perhaps that would help.

Please keep me in the loop.



Dearest Michael,

I cannot tell you had saddened I am to be in receipt of this email.

How I wish I were in the position to be of not just moral support but

monetary support as well. The Riverdale Garden is my
favorite place and I

so hope that 38 of your other faithful and more financial capable

patrons will come through.

I mean this with all sincerity - I would
hate to see the "Garden" go

and would miss you terribly - after all you are my fellow Aquarian!!!!

I have celebrated accomplishments, mourned break-ups and cheered myself

up many a day inside that quaint slice of paradise.

Best of luck with all of your endeavors and thank you for the years of

wonderful and delectable cuisine.

Each bite always contained the most critical of all ingredients -

LOVE...and it was the "taste" of that that kept me coming back.

Be well my friend...

All the best,


Ps. Eventhough my 'waist-line' is not as grateful as I, please hug &

kiss Lisa for me for all of her fantastic confections - no one makes a

better butterscotch ice cream than she!!!!


Dear Michael,

I was so sorry to read this email. Erik and I have been enjoying

special occasions with you for 3 years. Your soups are incredible, and the

variety of the menu made for some tough decisions. We encouraged many

of our friends to dine with you, and even our employer (Fieldston

School) took special guests they wanted to impress to the
Riverdale Garden .

I regret that we are unable to invest at the level you need. We

you all the best and want to thank you for the numerous wonderful






I just wanted write and say how excited i am about your efforts to keep


Riverdale Garden open. Although i'm

unfortunately not in the financial position to contribute to this right

now, i wanted you to know that i'm so supportive

of your efforts. My husband and I have come to our restaurant a number


times and really love it - it's such a lovely

haven in our neighborhood. Good luck with your efforts!




Hey Michael,

Wishing you from the Middle East the best of luck in solving this

dilemma. As you must know, I really love your restaurant and hope to

continue seeing you there in your "element" in the future.

In any case, thinking of you all.



Dear Michael and Lisa, et

It breaks my heart to hear that you are undergoing such turmoil. The

Landlord is an IDIOT!


That sounds wonderful. Best of luck to you. We live up the block from

the Arbor Condo space, and would love the addition to our immediate

neighborhood. I predict enormous success!


I know only too well the struggle that people have to stay afloat,

especially with the real estate market being what it is. I almost went

through with a sub prime loan for a Million Dollar property that I now

rent from in New Jersey .

If I had the $5,K to invest, I know your restaurant would be worth it.

I have been a patron there a number of times
when I was a Bronx

resident and even when I moved to New Jersey. I would have come more often

had I lived closer by. But the idea that you were there and I could

enjoy the embiance and great fair always warmed my


I will spread the word. It would be ashame for the Riverdale area

loose such a fine establishment.


As two retired folks unable to make the financial investment, we can

least pledge increased patronage if you discover the means to continue


wonderful contribution to all of us. Indoors and out back, near the

woodburning stove or the bar, we have glowing memories of you, your


the bread, the wines and MUCH more. Best Wishes,

Dave and Pat

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