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Not sad to see the styrofoam clamshells go, but let's call a spade a spade: that McDLT was the best goddamn sandwich McD's ever produced. I was a discerning 20-yr-old @ the time, and when the hot side met the cold side of that sandwich, it was junk food poetry in motion. Can I get an amen!?


No amen from the Archbishop:

Rose's Lime

Call me the ubercynic. I look at the stack of cute, colorful, more durable Whole Foods bags and wonder how many regular plastic bags you have to forgo to make a difference? Is it 20 or is it 200? Whatever it is, I'm guessing it's a larger number than the number of trips before your plastic container of organic buffo ruptures soaking your bag with whey that you decide is too much of a pain to clean out and just toss the bag.

The other day I was confronted with the dilemma when TAGS hardware offered me a nice re-usable bage for buying over $50 worth of stuff. I already have one of those bags at home that I forgot to bring. I told her to keep the bag and I'd put my purchases in my gym bag.

Here at the Limestand we're going for the old school frugality fashion statement - ratty old canvas tote bags from the likes of CPL, Harvard, and Intel.

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