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I grew up in the New Orleans area, where "covered dish" meals brought to neighbors in need tend to be gumbo, jambalaya, or some kind of pasta-based dish. Alternatively, when my husband and I kept crazy hours a few weeks ago for SXSW, we were ensured of one good meal a day for several days because I had bought a big quiche from The Soup Peddler. I could see a quiche working quite well as a meal to bring to a friend/neighbor.


Chicken stew; put a pastry lid on it for a pot pie. Can't beat that. Chili. Meatloaf, and sandwiches will follow. Any kind of soup with some crusty bread. Anything you make will be appreciated.

Rose's Lime

Baked pasta: either classy mac & cheese or tuscan with pancetta, onions and fontina.


I've been on the cooking end of these situations recently, and have gone with a chicken-rice pilaf (tomato-based), which I think was appreciated because of the surfeit of pasta dishes.


In these situations, I don't get hung up on the niceties of giving self-contained heat-and-eat trays, a la lasagna. I usually just make whatever we're eating and give em the leftovers. Made a big-ass pot of red beans and rice just the other night that had us looking for extra plasic containers. Our other giveaway staples are burritos (which freeze well) and sesame noodles (which don't).

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