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Rose's Lime

I'm imagining a very depressing conversation at Obama HQ discussing the message sent by various recipes. "Turkey with pecan stuffing?" - too Southern. "Grilled salmon" - not blue collar enough. "Anything with pork in it to show he's not muslim?" - the racists won't get it and we'll affend the Muslims.


I haven't been within arm's reach of Obama, so I can't comment on whether he's soft or not.

But "inexperienced"? Come on.

By what criteria? What counts as "experience"?

Don't mean to huff, but that adjective has been overused and misused lately. I'd be glad to hear that you come by it honestly.

And the chili recipe strikes me as very real in its banality. Sounds like the kind of chili my dad made when I was a kid.


I am a big Obama fan, voted for him once, and hope to do so again. I worry that he is a little bit young for the job, and having spent relatively little time in elective office, and none as an executive, that the learning curve might be steep. But I feel as if the Clintons are becoming the specter that Coulter makes them out to be, almost. I am disheartened by the choices, and may end up writing in H.R.

But I agree on the banality of the chili.


Awesome !

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