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Rose's Lime

I can well recommend the NC Wine Bar in the Charlotte airport. A great alternative to the NASCAR bar and Chili's for passing a couple of hours in the airport. The selections I had were nothing to write (or ship) home about. Don't see Thomas Keller setting up shop in the CLT any time soon... Todd English maybe.


He meant NAPA, as in auto parts. Not Napa, as in wine. Hope this helps.

Kyle J.

Having had a bottle or two of wine from almost every little vineyard in the Yadkin Valley, I have to give NC wine credit where it's due. Good stuff.

Scott Jones

Wait! Please go back and re-read my post -- the "Supermarket Guru" said North Carolina was the new Napa. While I think North Carolina is producing some terrific wines, you'll see that I question his positioning NC as new Napa. Check out my link to the post: http://eatingmywords.southernliving.com




Not enough coffee, too much alliteration.

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