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"Waters, a Berkeley chef who is regarded as the originator of the fusionist "California cuisine," proposed in a 1997 talk that to teach schoolchildren how to grow, prepare, and eat good food is to teach them "ethics" - to help them reject the crass materialism of popular culture and instead find "redemption through a deep appreciation for the real, the authentic, and the lasting." Hers is a vision that is focused on the family, and on the ways in which healthy families lie at the very foundation of civil society."

Besides stealing from Dobson's "Focus on the Family..." Waters has limited her scope to a place where marriage is non-existent: CAL.

Okay, if so, then, I'm calling out her post with this counter Katrina New Orleans cuisine, "Flood Gauge Fusion" Cuisine. It is still a cuisine of boiled Mud Bug and cayenne pepper... no?

Why does it take a professor from Cal to give us all a "reason" to grow our own when I can go outside and collect thistle and Mustang grapes? I guess we still need lots of bulls**t to fertilize with.

That's my challenge from Bryan-College Station, TX, home to one of the few agricultural colleges that put their money where their mouth is: Texas A and M.

This myopia is a symptom of the fundamental pathology of big C conservatism -- a failure of imagination that prevents one from imaging the situation of someone not like you, and how their needs might differ from yours. Waters has a mild case of this myopia, for sure, but don't look for a McCain sticker on her wicker bicycle basket any time soon.

MooPig totally agrees with this conclusion Mr Gurgling.

The Gurgling Cod

Um, they do have marriage in California. In fact now you can even get married in California if your partner has the same kind of junk as you do. I explain why that's a good thing here.

The Gurgling Cod

Correct link here

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