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Ha. Ouch. Looks like they were sitting at the counter, too.

I guess... as someone who's waited? If they didn't get service for that long it was either because 1. There was a shit storm a-brewing or 2. The servers were getting stoned. Either way? Probably not the biggest of their problems.


Fair enough.

But it begs the question of location, as (and I say this having both waited and tended bar) the list of places at which I would wait a half hour to be served might start and end with John's Roast Pork in Philly.

The Gurgling Cod

True enough, though it raises, rather than begs the question. And there is a difference between waiting in line to be served while customers ahead of you are served, and being ignored. 30 minutes is a long time to sit at a counter twiddling your thumbs.

New Orleans survivor

Perfectly permissible. Just wipe the stuff off. It's better than screaming, which is what I often want to do.

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