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Rose's Lime

Dear Chris Kimball:

The CC potato salad recipe specifies 2 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes... but what I'd like to know is how many potatoes are used in the ATK tried and true recipe?

Is 4 8oz potatoes optimal?

If I have 5 7oz potatoes should I trim 4/7ths off the 5th potato? Or should I trim 4/35ths off each potato? Or should I just scale the recipe up by 4/32nds?


Very good! they do seem to strangle all the joy out of good food. I went to cook's country tasting today and was treated to 3 samplings of lukewarm tartare sauce, brownies prepared from mixes, and microwave popcorn. In exchange they told us that we dressed nice. Well -- we are the unwashed country folk afterall.

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It's "recipe," not "receipt," you tool.

Uncle Ben

"Receipt" is a historically and etymologically accurate term for a recipe. "Tool" is a term used by one who imagines himself to be superior.

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