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The Freeze kicks MOB all over the room. Seriously.

Grumpy Glutton

Your ignorance regarding great Bay Area chefs is hardly Bauer's fault.

The Gurgling Cod

They could well be great, but if a reasonably well informed person in the field is not familiar with them, are they "influential"? I didn't say they sucked, but as I explained in the post, the majority of the folks Bauer profiles have an influence that is very difficult to discern? Craig Stoll opened an Italian restaurant that uses fresh ingredients? That's super, but not exactly Marie Curie territory. I see more Raveonettes than Velvet Undergrounds on the list.

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Is Michael Gerard Bauer writing another book?
i have recently finished reading the ishmael series by michael gerard bauer and want to know if he is going to write another one and when is it released. the end of the second book suggested a sequal but i haven't heard anything about it so if anyone knows anything that is valid please let me know because as far as i'm concerned mgb is the best comedic fiction writer ever to live..... [until i find another] seeya.

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Paul Bertolli pops up in part two, but Bauer continues to bat around .200 in terms of names that are recognizable to a non-SFer who reads a lot about food.


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