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Pat Darnell and Friends
Poor Romans in the countryside most often lived with their whole family in one room of a small apartment building. So they didn't have a separate kitchen. Instead, they cooked over a small fire or on a charcoal brazier, either in the courtyard or in their room .... Poor Romans who lived in the city generally didn't have a courtyard, so they cooked on the brazier in their room, or they bought food in restaurants or from street vendors, already cooked.

"There weren’t very many rich Romans. Most people were poor. But some rich Romans were REALLY rich and they liked to show it by having a lot of slave cooks make them very very fancy dinners, and then inviting a lot of their friends over to eat with them."

Hang in there this has a point --

re: Barbecue/ BBQ
One complicated meal involved stuffing a chicken inside a duck, then the duck inside a goose, then the goose inside a pig, then the pig inside a cow, and cooking the whole thing together... [Source clik HERE]

sazerac attack

My favorite absurdity from them was a branding iron for your grilled meats.


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