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Ok, I know I commented last time but WHATEVER you're doing Wisconsin so I gots to be having opinions. 1. Green Bay is by Door County, so you could do something with cherries. 2. Brats are obvious and boring, I think. 3. Cheese could be ok, but... 4. I'd do fried fish. Fish fries are a Wisconsin staple. With potatoes au gratin. And oh christ a brandy Old Fashioned.

I am so. so. so. homesick.

Rose's Lime

There are so many story lines to go with: You've got Aaron Rogers spring chicken. You've got Terrel Owens hot dogs.
You've got Jessica Simpson jersey jinx pie.

I'm going to go with the literal "Dallas in
Green Bay" - Welsh Rarebit and Tortilla Chips. Two things that are good when store-bought, but sublime when made well at home. Make the rarebit using Wisconsin Cheddar and Leinenkugel Porter of course. Likewise fresh fried corn tortilla chips are a great surprise. It's like Cheeze Whiz and Fritos, but more Bravo.


Keep it simple: Wurst cooked (as Rose's Lime suggests) in a nice hot Leinie bath, topped w/Texas chili, topped with fresh cheese curds.

A nod to Dallas, but it's mostly a GB event.


And then so. Coincidentally, or even synchronically, happened that I got 2 Wsconsin cheeses this week around the corner at Murray's.

One, an artisanal, monikered Sole Gran Queso, an Upper Great Lakes spin on Manchego -- deep, fulsome stuff. Particularly with fresh figs [which are cheap here] and Eli's Health Loaf.

The other, which goes by the name of Wisconsin, Cheddar, Yellow, is probably more to the point.

Then, around the corner and down the street, saw the restaurant Perilla's featured cheeses included the aforementioned Gran Queso, as well as everything else Murray's has on special this week.

Glad we can cook. Just walking around here and picking up provisions means we can skirt the necessity of $30+ entrees.

In any case: Avoid the brats. Plenty else to choose from.

When are the Jets next scheduled to play the Packers?

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