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yo, get off my case... I'm working on it. Cef without burns.... wow.

Paula Forbes

Semantic drift, I like that.

James Rubinstein

Poor Rocco, his reach doth exceed his grasp.
Rocco: Fame, ur doin it wrong.

I think people are irked at Rocco for trying to be famous because, well, he sucks at it.
Take Rachael Ray (please!). She's not that great a chef. She is a good TV personality, though, and she followed the tried and true methods for achieving fame through the media of the late 20th/early 21st century.
Same goes for Colicchio, Alton Brown, Mario Battali, etc

Rocco's empire toppled before it began, under the weight of his own ego.

And FWIW, CD's are more like frozen meals with Emeril's logo stamped on them.


Agreed. Somewhere I wrote something along the same lines about Thomas Keller:

"If Keller sees his work as art, the conditions of production of this meal, no matter how it is presented as, make it simply impossible for it to retain its originating aura. It is this aura for which we pay, and that we are promised through precise reproduction achieved through the use of technicians who master the components over which they are charged. It is a promise to duplicate the original; the aura. With such expectations, we are doomed for disappointment. As Benjamin famously put it, 'that which withers in the age of mechanical production is the aura of the work of art.'"

But, you know, what you said.

I hear that Bar Tartine is serving "New Olive Oil" ice cream again!

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