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The Lime Spider

Dear Cod's quips are closer to the truth than he realizes:

*On election day, Girls Club members brought cupcakes from Sweet Things, the Girls Club-owned/operated bakery on Ave. C, to voters waiting in line at the polls.
*For the Howl Festival, they made huge banners of women activist and artists (I'm partial to their Dorothy Day) and danced with them through the streets of the East Village in sparkly pink ball gowns.
*For V-Day, a delegation traveled to the closing event in New Orleans, participated in V-Day events, and met with a start-up "sister" youth organization.

If you want to order holiday cookies from Sweet Things, you can do so on the website - the cookies are made by the girls and all proceeds support Club activities. Tell them Cod sent you, and you'll get a special Lime Spider thank you.

New Orleans survivor

Chris Kenner - one of the secret heroes of rock 'n' roll


Where does "chamber packer" rank among the all-time list of obscene-sounding cooking implements?


What is bumburbia?

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