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How can you discuss pepper mills and not mention Porfirio Rubirosa%Pr

The Gurgling Cod


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Is that a special ritual or just a costum?

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That Nashville girl looks pretty funny hahaha

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*My Christmas wish every Christmas is for a semester where I do not hear "I'm not a feminist or anything..." from one of those in-college, shoe-owning, non-pregnant kids that I teach.

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Es muy importante que ayudemos a las personas que lo necesitan, más cuando son de zonas rurales.

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What do you mean I don't understand your comment? please put it in english

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curious Nashville girl.

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If you want to play Santa, and smash the patriarchy at the same time, kick an email to nashvillefemme at the gmail dot com - you will be glad you did.

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If they had buttons to distribute, it would help them do that.

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And salt mills, as far as I can tell, are a snare and a delusion, as what makes salt salty is salt, and not volatile compounds as with pepper or coffee.

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They are house- trained (but I'm well aware that there will be hairballs from time to time, and stinky litter pans to clean regularly); they cuddle with me and with each other; they run and chase each other through the..

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If that's not good enough, consider the Tim Allen corollary to Ibsen's famous dictum that if you

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