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Marco Romano

In the tapas arena, I would suggest a Spanish tortilla. Grab a slice while they measure for a 1st down.


I had the best pancakes of my life in Pittsburgh, at Pamela's: http://pittsburgh.citysearch.com/profile/8608828/

They're thin, like crepes with baking powder in them. Then they roll them up with fillings, I had bananas and whipped cream and mini chocolate chips.


Well, I think you gotta have some kind of a nod to Polish food, for the "pittsburgh polka" lovin' steelers. And doesn't arizona count as tex-mex? Or maybe some dish based around unleavened bread, in honor of Kurt Warner? Didn't someone (possibly me)suggest motorcycle shaped canapes for an earlier Rothlisburger game?

Regina Schrambling

Cheese crisps (like an open-face quesadilla)

Chimichangas (invented in Tucson)


Tamale pie

Chilies rellenos




(Can you guess where I grew up?)

Rose's Lime

The traditional Superbowl fare is Het-Het Chili, but I don't think you can trot that one out one more time.

I'm thinking of Southest meets the Midwest stew.

One of my old co-workers who's from New Mexico described how her mom makes chili - it's just fresh and dried peppers baked in a pot for hours till it turns into spicy heaven.

I'm thinking some of that with Posole and some Rothlsburger beef.

the chocolate lady (eve)

Football is the one where the ball is pointy, right?
I used to make spicy shoestring potatoes for the Robber Bridegroom when he watched the games. You puree shallots, garlic and red chiles to a paste. Cut potatoes into shoestrings and fry in several batches in the wok until golden. Then add the chile paste to the oil, raise the heat, put all the potatoes back in and stir and fry to a crunchy spicy brown. Salt lavishly.

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