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Marco Romano

humility humbled


Is that real? "Popular and expensive"?


Nevermind, I am an idiot. More coffee, please?


Nicely done, particularly because people weren't sure if you were serious or not.

Another entry in the "reality outstrips satire" genre: this open letter to Michelle Obama from a concerned Portlander, which the Willamette Week saw fit to print on its blog:

Dear Michelle –

Congratulations on becoming America’s next First Lady! You deserve “Props” for the fierce, yet loving way you helped steer your family to the White House....

As First Lady/First Momma and First Wife please blog about the ways that your family implements domestic nonviolence under some of the most stressful circumstances there are. Please be candid about how you and Barack peacefully traverse your marital disagreements. And share with us how you empower your daughters so that they will never let another human being treat them as anything other than a valued equal.

You are our new First Momma, yet the real First Mother is the planet Earth and we have dishonored her too long. As tradition and policy have it, the White House and its grounds are your Kingdom. Please implement Mother Earth-friendly policies in your new home.

Ask your husband to choose hemp or organic cotton for the new rug in the Oval Office so that he won’t be huffing carpet out-gases each workday. Perhaps you will insist on free-trade-organic coffee in all the coffee pots in the West Wing, and a moratorium on refined sugar treats at state dinners....

It goes on from there, quite a bit:


Regina Schrambling

You are way too subtle. Her last offer sounds so sincere.

But where was she in 2004?



Thank you, this is the worst thing I've read

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